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Cornell Users: Send Files

If you logged into DropBox using your Cornell NetID you may send files to any valid NetID or to any external user you have added to your whitelist.

Steps: Sending a File

  1. Login to DropBox using your NetID & Password.
  2. Click on the 'Prepare Upload' icon.
  3. Type in the NetID, name, or an external user's email address of the person you want to send to. Press enter or Add. You may send to more than one person. Just keep adding recipients.
  4. Choose your options including send an email and additional subject text.
  5. Select how many files you wish to upload, up to 10 files or total size of 5GB whichever comes first.
  6. For each file you are sending, click Browse/Choose File and select the file you want to send.
  7. Select the number of days (3, 7, 14, 21) until the files are automatically expired and permanently deleted. The default is 14 days.
  8. Hit the 'Send' button and the file will be securely uploaded to DropBox.

If you chose the option to send an email confirmation, the recipients specified will receive an email message with information about the files and a link to download each. Recipients then go to DropBox, login and download the files.

Differences When Sending a File to External User

Sending a file to an external user is very similar to sending a file to another Cornell user, with a few differences.

  • Before you can send to an external user you must add them as an external user to your whitelist. For more information, see Cornell Users - How To - Manage Whitelist - Add External Users.
  • You need to specify a password the external user will use to download and send files to you. Be sure to communicate the password to the external user in a secure alternate method, such as phone or fax.
  • Follow standard steps for sending a file.
  • During login for the external user, they will also be asked to enter a Login PIN emailed to them automatically via DropBox when they began the login process. Then to send or download files, they will be prompted for the password set when you added to your whitelist.