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Sending Files

What you need in advance

  • Access to check your email
  • The password the Cornell user set for you
  • The files you want to send

Steps: Sending Files

  1. Choose External User Login if you haven't already done so. This requires you enter a one time use Login PIN sent to your email address. For complete instructions review: External User - How Tos - Login
  2. Click on the 'Prepare Upload' icon.
  3. Select the recipient from the drop down box and click add. You will be prompted to enter the password the Cornell user sent you. If you have been whitelisted by more than 1 person, you may send to more than one person. Just select from the dropdown box, click add, and enter the password for that user.
  4. Choose your options including send an email and additional subject text.
  5. Set how many files you wish to upload.
  6. For each file you're sending, click Browse/Choose File and select the file you want to send.
  7. Set the number of days until the files are expired (deleted automatically from the server).
  8. Hit the 'Send' button and the file will be securely uploaded to the DropBox.

If you chose the option to send an email confirmation, the recipients specified will receive an email message with information about the files and a link to download them. They then go to the DropBox, login and download the files.