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External User Login

In order to login to DropBox you must have been added as an external user by a member of the Cornell Community and have access to your email account.

Step 1: Visit DropBox and Enter Your Email Address

Open web browser and go to You will be presented with a login screen. Enter your email address in the External User Login email text box. Click "Login as Email."

Step 2: Login Email Sent. Await Email

After entering your email address, you are presented a screen telling you to check your email. An email has now been sent to the email address with a Login PIN you need to enter to finish the login process.

Step 3: Read Email

The email is sent from "Cornell Secure File Transfer <>" with subject "Secure File Transfer External User Login". The email contains a Login ID which matches what's on your screen and a Login PIN which you must enter to complete the login.

Step 4: Enter Login PIN & Finish Login

Copy & paste the Login PIN into the text box, and click Login as Email once more to complete the login process.

[Step 5: Enter Password if Asked]

If you clicked a file link in email to download via DropBox, you will now be prompted for the password the Cornell user set for you. For more information about downloading files, view External User - Downloading Files.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm automatically getting a Cornell Web Login screen? What now?
If a previous user on the computer has chosen "Remember to use NetID Login option on this computer", click the back button in the browser to return to the standard login landing page.
I received a message "Not active on Cornell whitelist." What's wrong?
Email address entered must match Cornell member's whitelist exactly. For example if the Cornell user enters, you will receive an error if you type
Why can't the user close this screen?
In order to ensure a secure login, this page cannot be closed until login is complete.
Why doesn't DropBox just send a link to login?
This model has been chosen to prevent "replay" and man-in-the-middle attacks on email.
What if I do not receive this email?
In order to login to DropBox as an external user, you must be able to receive an email from in a timely fashion. Be sure to include this address in your address book if your email client uses an address book in spam handling.
What if I make a mistake entering the Login PIN?
You will be presented another chance to enter the correct Login PIN. We suggest copying & pasting the Login PIN.
I do business with many Cornell users. Can I be given access to everyone?
No. DropBox access is managed by individual users. At this time DropBox does not allow specific external users be enabled to send files unrestricted to Cornell recipients.